What We Do



Founding year: 1945

Number of employees: 100

Size: 40 000 square feet

Work capacity: 200 000 hours per year

Annual output: 200 000 units


What We Do

2D et 3D drawing

CNC machining


Robotic Welding

Gas, Plasma and Laser Cutting



Roll Bending

Painting and sandblasting

Mercier Industries has a strong technical department with a qualified and expretienced team of technicians.


Some of our products

More than 40 000 recorded models of parts

Manufacturing of up to 10 000 units

Hollow moulds

Electrolysis tools, Casting Bay and other parts for lifting devices

Self-service tools ans spare parts



Certified ISO 9001-2008

Certified CSA Standards W47.1

Certified CSA Standards W47.2


About Us


Mercier Industries has been building, repairing and adapting pieces of equipment for companies of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean since 1945. The third generation of stock holders has been in place since 1998.

Technological Leader

We are a technological leader in our field. We started working with digital equipment since 1990 ans we have continued to invest massively every year in the latest production technologies.

Record of every part

Our management system is another great value for our clients. It records all the important data and allows us to repeatedly manufacture series of parts at a competitive price and in minimal time.

Business solutions and cost reduction

We have become a leader in the aluminium industry thanks to our expertise in the manufacturing and maintenance of parts and our commitment to continuous improvement. We not only understand our client'operational needs, but also possess the skills and expertise to help them cut down their costs and resolve highly technical problems. Many of tested spare parts are shipped to as many as three continents.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to respecting a model of continuous improvement in every department of the compagny. Furthermore, we continually invest in new equipment to make us even more efficient, flexible and competitive.