Mercier Industries is a tool and spare parts mnufacturer specialized in machinig and mechanized welding. For years, we have been providing services to an industrial clientele and supporting our clients'long term equipment improvements, maintenance needs and tehnological development.

Thanks to high technology machinery, diversified procedures and a vast catalog containing 20 years of recorded parts, Mercier Industries is able to meet its clients'needs. Through a flexible and reliable process, we can deliver, on short notice, small or large series of common or complex parts while maintaining the highest standards of quality.


Policy on quality

Mercier Industries is uncompromising on quality to remain ahead of the curve in a competitive field. Management relies on the proficiency of its quality system and exceptional staff and equipment to deliver rapid, flexible and highly precise results. We are committed to a collaborative approach and continuous training in order to meet our goals and achieve sustainable and balanced growth in all four of the following aspects:


In order to ensure the company,s long term development and prosperity, Mercier Industries'priority is the evolution and progress of its quality system.



At Mercier Industries, our vision, actions and business and professional interactions are guided by values of EQUITY, RESPECT and COLLABORATION.

At Mercier Industries we wish to contribute to our regional economy by supporting the major industries that effect its economic vitality and through the creation of high quality jobs. Environmental responsibility is also at the heart of our corpporate values. Every technological improvement we make is an opportunity to rethink our green policy and further contribute to the betterment of the global environment.